Welcome to JOST - this is where 'form meets function'.

This is where the creative mind and founder Dietmar JOST and his well-rehearsed team in Hachenburg go wild on all questions about bags. In addition to Dietmar, the company is run by his daughter Josefine and supported by the team's wealth of experience and fun. Here you can find an overview of our team .

We have stood for quality and functionality since 2002. We pride ourselves on making bags and backpacks that not only look good, but also meet our customers' needs. Our “form follows function” design approach is evident in every product we make. We believe that a bag should serve not only as a fashion accessory but also as a tool for everyday use.

When developing new products, functionality is always at the forefront. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and wants and integrate these into our products. We are constantly looking for new materials and technologies to improve our products and meet our customers' needs. Our products are primarily manufactured by reliable partners in the EU. We attach great importance to compliance with labor and environmental protection standards. We are proud that we maintain long-term cooperation with our partners. However, we personally check the working conditions in the factories where our products are manufactured. We have products that our partners here in Europe cannot manufacture manufactured by verified, certified partners (e.g. BSCI) far away. To find out more about our production, click here .

We offer a wide range of materials ranging from leather to vegan alternatives. We ensure that the materials meet the highest quality standards. Our leather products are made from LWG certified cowhide to reduce our footprint on the environment. We also have a selection of products made from post-industrial PET material. These materials are made from recycled plastics and help reduce waste and pollution. We also offer vegan alternatives that are made from high quality materials and meet the same high quality standards. We already use 100% recycled PET as the inner lining for more than 90% of our products. You can experience our material philosophy here .

Josefine & Dietmar Jost


Designer & General Manager

about the company

Since it was founded in 2002, JOST has grown into a successful family business. Our success is based on our experience, our technical know-how and, above all, our reliability. We have focused on producing high quality products that meet our customers' needs. Through long-term collaboration with our partners and constant improvement of our products, we have managed to build a loyal customer base.

Our products are represented in German-speaking countries, in stores and in large international department stores. We work with over 150 partners in Europe and since the launch of our new website we have been shipping our products worldwide. We are proud that our products are internationally recognized and valued by customers around the world. Find all our partner stores here.

Our company is based in the historic old town of Hachenburg in an old department store.

Hackesche Höfe
Rosenthaler Straße 40/41
D-10178 Berlin

Tel. +49 (0) 30 2345 7895

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Monday - Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 7:30 p.m