Deep in the West... well, it's not quite like that anymore. Because JOST no longer only lives in Hachenburg in the Westerwald region, but now also throughout Germany. Led by the creative mind and founder Dietmar JOST and his 15-person team, new bags are constantly being worked on. In addition to Dietmar, the company is managed by his daughter Josefine. They are supported by a powerful team made up of industry experience, commitment and fun across every age group. We work not only at the Hachenburg headquarters, but also flexibly from home or on the go.

What unites us? The absolute desire to package exciting materials with helpful functions into great shapes and make them available to the world.

Would you like to join our team ? We are always looking for reinforcements.

  • Dietmar Jost

    Founder and CEO

  • Josephine Jost

    Brand & Strategy

  • Andrea Schmitz

    Product development

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  • Beate Jost

    Head of Retail

  • Felix Lieser

    Head of Sales

  • Marco Schrooten

    Sales Back Office & Distribution

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  • Andrea Eberhardt

    B2B Marketing & Retail

  • Raffaela Hillert

    Back Office & Distribution

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  • Hubertus Jost

    Accounting & HR

  • Maurice Frank


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